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4 Year Old Refuses To Answer Questions


Payton will be 2 in June and she still isn't talking! We also had his hearing tested and it's fine. If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your physician or 911 immediately. Laura Reply Michelle says March 28, 2010 at 10:41 pm Hi Laura, I recieved a copy of your article "Helping Your Toddler Listen and Obey" from my sons' speech therapist. have a peek at this web-site

Im also playing with him more. I ask him how school was but he will just say school but nothing more. Even if she can talk, she's still not communicating at an age appropriate level since she can't truly participate in conversations with you. Like Report Share an annamc15 October 23, 2012 MaybeDaysThat makes a lot of sense! http://teachmetotalk.com/2008/02/26/techniques-to-work-on-answering-questions-with-language-delayed-toddlers/

4 Year Old Refuses To Answer Questions

When you come in from playing outside, have her tell Dad what she did. I'm not sure where to look. Does she hear doors slam when people come into the house?

We're not sure what is going to happen from here.. where we live school is mandatory at 3 years old. My three-year-three-month-old daughter seems to have no problem with learning new things. Toddler Refuses To Answer Questions try rephrasing to anything but why.

I don't think its that uncommon, especially if he's immature in other areas as well. 3 Year Old Repeats Questions Instead Of Answering This technique will give more meaning to the story as it comes out, and make it easier for her to remember. He's been in speech for a year, than went on to preschool at the schools and he has speech there everyday. https://fragilex.org/2013/treatment-and-intervention/coffee-talk-with-mouse-and-tracy/my-child-wont-answer-questions/ they have him starting preschool a week from now.

I really appreciate it. My 4 Year Old Can't Answer Questions I would so love to work with Ramya because it would be so exciting to peel back her layers to get to the root of her issues. Children with autism can struggle to process language and the best thing is to keep simple and consistent. My son is in a class with special needs and typical kids.

3 Year Old Repeats Questions Instead Of Answering

Is there something mentally wrong with her? check that Turns out, her official diagnosis on her clinical, written report is "mixed language disorder" and "pragmatic language disorder." Are these old-fashioned terms? 4 Year Old Refuses To Answer Questions but my son seemed to advanced for that books instructions.We would like to do OT but he doesn't seem to care for it and I'm not quite sure what it does 3 Year Old Refuses To Answer Questions Sometimes we ask her how old are you?

Keep reading the articles here for ideas while you are looking for someone to assess her and help you in person! Check This Out Thank you for responding back to my posting. If there is a language delay it doesn't sound severe and it's not something to stress out too much about. She knows ABC's and numbers, but the problem I notice is that she has a very hard time answering questions and reasoning. Toddler Ignores Questions

Kids are so funny :) Like Report Share al alys1 October 23, 2012 I'd need to see a different example than "Why did you...?" LOL! Just as in other learning situations, we can accomplish this by "using" the responses the child already has and "transferring" them to a response to a question. So we pay OT and Music Therapy out of pocket, while he gets speech and OT at school (which is not very good). Source My question is, is it too early to detect echolalia?

She also works on his fine motor. 4 Year Old Won't Answer Questions If they stay at 3 months or even 6 months behind, it wont matter when the are older. I had just figured he wasn't old enough.

My son has memorized all of the above as well as some sight words, but that is because I showed them to him over and over.

We had the police called on us one night because someone thought we were abusing him. But ask him any type of abstract thinking and you can tell he doesn't really "get" what you are asking him. Membership is just one click away. 3 Year Old Can't Answer Questions But as it turns out it actually helped and he is now getting on alot better and can speak alot more.

And she uses both I and Ramya while speaking about herself.,she does not answer if we call her…Everytime she has to be reminded to say ‘yes mom' when called. 2) If Start with answering those basic questions using the suggestions I posed in the articles in the receptive language section. And is this delay with these sorts of questions still part of the original speech delay (could he still be catching up?)? http://tubee.net/year-old/2-year-old-not-sleeping-through-the-night.html Love this website.

To contact the administrator click here Sign Up Today! She is very complex in that she has her deficits and struggles while all the while, she's excelling in other areas. If that works for you, then you can order the DVD. Please advise at the earliest…we are very worried!