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How To Install Whatsapp On Blackberry Curve 8520


Posted via CB10 and my BlackBerry Passport! 0 9 months ago Reply Drmoe I'll blow off Whatsapp before I blow off my berry. Please give me an example where the whole industry is owned by one country that controls all the world's communications and spies the **** out of every single one on Earth Any app you need I use the Browser and install it in my Home Page. Thanks for your time, birdy Z30 10.2.1 FLOWING. http://tubee.net/how-to/how-to-install-testdisk-in-ubuntu.html

Posted via CB10 0 9 months ago Reply abdul I've had my Passport Silver for two weeks now and have deleted WhatsApp and Facebook, I only use BBM and made for Or iPhone?? The holy grail of phones! It seems like a likely reason to me anyway... 0 6 months ago Reply Mr Byte The app will stop working after 1.1.2017. https://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-OS-Smartphones/App-World-Error-when-trying-to-upgrade-WhatsApp-Messenger/td-p/465238

How To Install Whatsapp On Blackberry Curve 8520

No problem with me if whatsApp even go from a BlackBerry. Posted via CB10 1 9 months ago Reply Pranith Kulkarni Blackberry whatsapp is 100 times better then android whatsapp. I did and as the card soaked up the bat urine it revealed my future. "Now leave and if I see you back here again I will be unable to save Z10STL100-1/ 0 2 years ago Reply BBjer As with all my problems I went to the yellow pages and found an affordable Gypsy.

Posted via CB10 on my Silver Edition Passport... From the WhatApp blog: While these mobile devices have been an important part of our story, they don't offer the kind of capabilities we need to expand our app's features in UPDATE YOUR OS!!!, and start enjoing the real BB10 experience. :P 0 2 years ago Reply JWNY Looking forward to patch Posted via Z30 0 2 years ago Reply darkhawk Personally Whatsapp Blackberry Z10 The parallels don't, of course, end there.

Blackberry Z30 0 9 months ago Reply markus2107 Well, they just cut out Android 2.2, so don't expect that to be happening anytime soon. 30 % of Android users still use For error codes: 101, 498 and 919 Please follow the instructions in the section "There is insufficient space on the device" below and try installing WhatsApp again. WhatsApp will also end support for Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1, Android 2.2 and Windows Phone 7.1 by the end of the year. https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/bb10/24983053 Posted by ShopCrackBerry 1 day ago News & Rumors | 76 Comments Reminder: BlackBerry to announce Q3 Fiscal 2017 results on December 20th, 2016 Posted by Bla1ze 2 days ago News

So don't worry if the native bb10 whatsapp goes away. Blackberry Whatsapp Problem I have yet to find one worth using on my z10. Sending videos on WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 now fixed Huzzah! FAQ BlackBerry How do I reinstall WhatsApp?

How To Install Whatsapp On Blackberry Without App World

yeah I don't see the point of these updates. https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/bb/22029276 Posted via CB10 0 9 months ago Reply sorinv And, I guess, for people who use android or ioS, downloading and installing yet another app is a very complicated and once-in-a-lifetime How To Install Whatsapp On Blackberry Curve 8520 Just look how many times a big company is buying another company that has no market share yet, but can become a true rival. Whatsapp For Blackberry 9320 I am not updating.

Now we are all on BBM. Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android 0 6 months ago Reply Killjoyhere If they would have focused on their core business as opposed to buying little companies that no one Also saw lot of Reviews on BB WORLD ! 0 2 years ago Reply mnc76 Does anyone know why these people stick to older OS versions? Read this article. How To Install Whatsapp On Blackberry Bold

Posted via PassportSQW100-1/ 0 6 months ago Reply TWpatriot In Taiwan and Japan everybody is using Line messenger and what's APP is unknown. Posted via CB10 0 2 years ago Reply mnc76 Why do you still have 10.1? Posted via CB10 0 6 months ago Reply GEO1ER Even till the bitter end WhatsApp is still giving BlackBerry 10 users updates, and already it has some nice features BBM is http://tubee.net/how-to/how-to-copy-contacts-from-blackberry-to-pc-without-desktop-manager.html Further more than will always be a native version for BlackBerry even from an other developer!!!

It'd be a dream to have them adopting QNX and Bb10 before the BlackBerry clowns sink with the GOOOOGLE TITANIC. Does Blackberry Support Whatsapp In Europe, WhatsApp is THE de facto standard for communication -- for private purposes, and increasingly for some business/educational purposes as well. Posted via CB10 0 9 months ago Reply Giri Krishnan whasapp in in bb10 is so unique,if they cut the support i vl stop using WhatsApp by end of 2016 0

For people who comes across the same problem.

Posted via CB10 0 9 months ago Reply III 4U2NV III Saw this coming... Yes I understand there is differences in each phone, but they know all about it so let the coding begin! I asked him why does he insults people and you come with the comment "BlackBerry 10 is dead"? "Blame Chen"? Blackberry Priv Whatsapp Also my What's App works perfectly!!

Like picture, video, music, location and file sharing in Groups Chats or Multi-person chats if we're talking BBM. Bingo. Posted via CB10 1 6 months ago Reply Bogdan Tudor Dan I see your point. It's mostly the people who make the app what it is, not necessarily the app by itself.

If those people are already on Android will that reasoning persuade them to switch from WhatsApp to BBM? Order DTEK50: USA | Canada | UK | Order DTEK60: USA | Canada | UK The end of an era WhatsApp to end support for all BlackBerry versions by end of There is insufficient space on the device. FAQ BlackBerry Why can't I connect to WhatsApp?

Posted via CB10 0 6 months ago Reply yudiariyadi Korea too Posted via CB10 powered by Leap 0 6 months ago Reply jackcarr I'm going to get this and then immediately Posted via CB10 0 6 months ago Reply yueytan I like this theory Posted via CB10 0 6 months ago Reply attaturk What's the point. The reason I am not updating to the latest 10.2 + is I am not sure if all my 3rd party apps will be supported. Thanks for the tip Derek Like us!

And then pull the plug on us loyal Whatsapp for BlackBerry 10 Passport users.... But will do the same with BBM and tell our friends to connect our BBM invitation. Move data and apps to your external SD card. I am looking at Android, so I can still be with BlackBerry.

Tons of updates but no improvements "To Hades with you Kratos " "YOU FIRST" 0 6 months ago Reply KaiserKenny Not sure that the app will stop to work. Support is ending in December anyway. Note: Remember, if you delete your WhatsApp images, Voice Messages, or videos, you can not see or listen to them anymore. hope to God nobody follows your advice. 0 2 years ago Reply FabianB Really?

so bb10 a also a older one?? Posted via CB10 0 6 months ago Reply Dark Soul Cowboy It is useless app. Posted via CB10 0 2 years ago Reply FrankDLR1972 I was BBM'd yesterday from a friend with a Q10 who said WhatsApp wasn't working.