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Error Unable To Read Change Set Entry For Activity

However, there will not be any conflict if you try to change the baseline of a non-modifiable component. 21. Begin incrementally labeling baseline "single_baseline_name". Cause When working in ClearCase UCM, checking out the root of a Multiple Component VOB fails with the following error: Note: You would also see this error while attempting to check-out Updated: 02/23/16 Version: 2003 This error occurred when attempting a graphical rebase on Solaris. check over here

Interview question "How long will you stay with us?" Output the sign Do counters combine? Just check in your config specs used by your delivers if there is no "element /yourVob/lost+found -none" rule. –VonC Nov 17 '11 at 7:41 Checked 4. The Target Site must be in sync with the source site to know about all changes being posted. An error will occur if the baseline has been rebased to any development or child streams.

cleartool: Error: No tag in region for view "uuid". These operations (rebase and deliver) in a configuration with lots of modifiable components can significantly tax the performance. Sites that you visit using Chrome will automatically receive standard log information, including your system’s IP address and data from cookies or similar technologies.

Not a vob object: Updated: 06/05/13 Version: 7.1.2 This error occurred when attempting to join a project that had not been joined by anyone before. The solution is to make a plain system call to run the deliver: system("cleartool deliver ... Usage statistics do not include web page URLs or personal information. GUI: 1.

Note: The utility is currently only available for ClearCase version 2002.05 on Windows and Solaris, and for ClearCase 2003.06 on Windows. Example: multitool chmaster dest-replica brtype:branch1 RATIONAL CLEARQUEST® Please review technote 1237806 for information about changes to project mastership. After recommending the new baseline, you can now proceed to Rebase the Child Stream. Back to the INDEX.

It is not slated to be back patched in any currently available versions due to the extent and complexity of the code changes that were involved. Open the Project Explorer 2. How do I - change Mastership for a UCM Project How do I change mastership of an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® UCM project that is replicated from one site to another using The project had several components, some read-write, some read-only.

The ClearQuest connection dbset for database db is not valid, please verify the connection name. see this You can reset your browser to refuse all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is being sent. Add-ons developed and provided by others are the responsibility of the add-on creators and may have different privacy policies. Validating directories and symbolic links.

To remove the baseline from the foundation of a UCM stream, using cleartool rebase -dbaseline [email protected]\ProjectVOB. check my blog Unable to check out "M:\proj1_dev_vu\multivob\." . Activities 25. If any activities cannot be relinked with their original ticket, a new ticket is created under the UCMUtilityActivity record type.

Non-existent baseline: oid:9caad4e5.40664583.8a56.55:ed:36:6b:[email protected]\XMLEdge Unable to get member baseline of composite baseline "Snoopy_03_12_02" Unable to enter member baselines of composite baseline "Snoopy_03_12_02" into foundation. Views that are linked to a UCM Activity can be determined using the cleartool describe or the cleartool lsactivity -long command. 1. Cannot get activity diffs for component "component". this content clearmrgman: Error: Unable to convert diffs to versions.

After this procedure is completed, all the metadata will be new and unrelated to the metadata that was attached prior to the copy. Here is the usage for fix_bl_members: fix_bl_members.exe Example: fix_bl_members.exe [email protected]/vobs/pvob1 If using this utility does not resolve the errors or for help using the utility, you should contact IBM Rational Note: For any checked out version listed in the change set, cancel the checkout and the version will no longer appear in the change set list.

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The UCM metadata, such as change set membership and baseline labels, cannot transition from one component to another. Solution When using a Multiple Component VOB to store UCM components, the root directory of the VOB is read-only from any UCM view. However, some website features or services may not function properly without cookies. Need to look at outgoing and incoming packets and epoch tables for the sites involved.

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How do I – understand who has rebased to the new baseline After creating a new baseline and promoting it as the recommended baseline, how can you determine who has rebased Using view "Dev1_Test_Stream". Use the -fmt switch to format your describe or lsactivity output. Unexpected error.

If the Component VOBs are not in sync, the posted deliver will fail. C:\> 3. These identifiers can be cleared by the user in Chrome using Clear Browsing Data with “Media licenses” enabled. Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search Removing change set versions of a UCM activity from CLI cleartool: Error: Cannot remove an activity with versions in

Command Line M:\proj1_int_vu\multivob>cleartool co -nc . From ClearCase Explorer, the Add to source control fails with: This is the expected behavior for the commands and operations used above. To deliver Activity C, which contains version 6, users must also deliver Activity B, which contains the versions between 6 and the most recent delivery of prog.c. 3. The order in which they are removed is insignificant, you can remove version 1 first or last.

Checkpoint baselines can be converted to incremental baselines and incremental baselines can be converted to full baselines. If you specify -view, say from a script or sitting on the C: drive, the system will understand that the view is associated with a given UCM project and will automatically cleartool: Error: Unable to find view by uuid:UUID, last known at "unknown:unknown". current community chat Stack Overflow Meta Stack Overflow your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list.

cleartool: Error: Unable to convert diffs to elements. The personal information that Chrome stores won't be sent to Google unless you choose to store that data in your Google Account by signing in to Chrome. update version "\main\0" update version "\main\prj1_dev\0" create version "\main\prj1_dev\1" create version "\main\prj1_dev\2" update version "\main\prj1_int\0" create version "\main\prj1_int\1" Closing directories.