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Error Unable To Open Conf/bitbake.conf

Setting Up the BitBake EnvironmentA.4. There also needs to be a way for each recipe to express its dependencies, both for build-time and runtime. As previously mentioned, an artifact can cover more than one task. Executing Tasks2.7. check over here

When BitBake is asked to build a given target, before building anything, it first asks whether cached information is available for any of the targets it's building, or any of the BB_TASKHASH: The hash of the currently running task. BitBake then reloads the cached information about the recipe instead of reparsing it from scratch. The validity of this cache is determined by first computing a checksum of the base configuration data (see BB_HASHCONFIG_WHITELIST) and then checking if the checksum matches. http://blog.csdn.net/redhat7890/article/details/5658470

Here, the TMPDIR directory is set to hello/tmp. Tip You can always safely delete the tmp directory in order to rebuild a BitBake target. For shell tasks, this turns out to be fairly easy because BitBake generates a "run" shell script for each task and it is possible to create a checksum that gives you Looking at the expanded shell functions in the run file and the output in the log files is a useful debugging technique. Because this is how modern projects such as OpenEmbedded and the Yocto Project utilize BitBake, the example provides an excellent starting point for understanding BitBake. To help you understand

Overview1.1. The new file is inside your build directory in a directory called conf. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you've done.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, just do an "ls" on the mounted SD card parition and show me a list of files And configured the bootargs.

As an example, suppose you have two versions of a recipe (e.g. Functions3.4.1. Parameters are passed to the signature handling code, use 'none' if no specific handler is required. -p, --parse-only Quit after parsing the BB recipes. -s, --show-versions Show current and preferred versions https://lists.yoctoproject.org/pipermail/yocto/2014-June/020360.html I've checked, confirmed and reconfirmed my PATH and my BBPATH.

Each machine often selects the best kernel provider by using a line similar to the following in the machine configuration file: PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-yocto" The default PREFERRED_PROVIDER is the provider with It should boot then.

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As for your question VARIABLE = "" VARIABLE = " " 3.1.2. Variable Expansion BitBake supports variables referencing one another's contents using a syntax that is similar to shell scripting. Scheduling for restart.
process '/sbin/getty 38400 tty1' (pid 739) exited.

native, sdk, and multilib). Bonuses Shell Functions3.4.2. Scheduling for restart.
process '/sbin/getty 115200 ttySAC0' (pid 735) exited. Setting a weak default value (??=)3.1.5.

For Python tasks, BitBake executes the task internally and logs information to the controlling terminal. check my blog To handle this, BitBake calls the BB_SETSCENE_DEPVALID function for each successful setscene task to know whether or not it needs to obtain the dependencies of that task. There is often confusion concerning the order in which overrides and various "append" operators take effect. That configuration file generally has include directives to pull in any other metadata such as files specific to the architecture, the machine, the local environment, and so forth.

Immediate variable expansion (:=)3.1.6. Recall that BitBake utilizes three types of metadata files: Configuration Files, Classes, and Recipes. It's probably newer then expected; Or maybe my Python is newer then expected! http://tubee.net/error-unable/error-unable-to-read-config-file-usr-lib-ivl-fpga-conf.html Any inherit statements cause BitBake to find and then parse class files (.bbclass) using BBPATH as the search path.

Usually this will tell you if you're missing something such as zlib or unzip or whatever it might be. BitBake needs to have reliable data indicating whether or not an artifact is compatible. Providing Pathnames


But that 404 is a file not found error from the webserver.

cici_sharon: 那为什么我重启了之后还是报这个错误呢? 服务器集群及其优缺点! dcxyzl: 集群系统不足之处个人并不赞同。首先集群的应用并不是只在一台服务器上运行,对于负载均衡集群来说,应用是... Doing so makes sure that an error is produced if the file cannot be found. 3.3.4. require Directive BitBake understands the require directive. Events3.8. Chapter 3. Syntax and OperatorsTable of Contents3.1.

Parsing the Base Configuration Metadata2.2. Please try that and let me know if that helps.

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have a peek at these guys Shell Functions3.4.2.

Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. Here are some things to know about Python functions: Python functions can take parameters. Again, the incremental build solution contains code that first figures out the variable and function dependencies, and then creates a checksum for the data used as the input to the task. Flexibility and power have always been the priorities.

An example would be: BBFILES = "/path/to/bbfiles/*.bb /path/to/appends/*.bbappend" BitBake parses each recipe and append file located with BBFILES and stores the values of various variables into the datastore. PREFERRED_VERSION overrides any DEFAULT_PREFERENCE setting. You can specify this more than once. -n, --dry-run Don't execute, just go through the motions. -S DUMP_SIGNATURES, --dump-signatures=DUMP_SIGNATURES Dump out the signature construction information, with no task execution. Introduction1.2.

This section describes how you can use OVERRIDES as conditional metadata, talks about key expansion in relationship to OVERRIDES, and provides some examples to help with understanding. 3.2.1. Conditional Metadata You can Be easy to use BitBake to collaborate between multiple projects for their builds. The build was supposed to be done using the bitbake that's part of the repository, the one installed in the local "bb" directory. BitBake continues to fork threads as long as there are tasks ready to run, those tasks have all their dependencies met, and the thread threshold has not been exceeded.

The configuration file needs to be in the conf directory inside the layer. Again, this assignment is a "lazy" or "weak" assignment because it does not occur until the end of the parsing process. 3.1.5. Immediate variable expansion (:=) The ":=" operator results in a The current working directory when the "bbimage" python script is invoked is "build-dm500plus" and that directory does contain a "conf" subdirectory, but "build-dm500plus/conf" doesn't have a "bitbake.conf" file.Further information: I'm pretty If they don't, it isn't because this tutorial is wrong, it's very likely something else.

Here is an example: def get_depends(d): if d.getVar('SOMECONDITION', True): return "dependencywithcond" else: return "dependency" SOMECONDITION = "1" DEPENDS = "${@get_depends(d)}" This would result in DEPENDS containing dependencywithcond. INHERIT Configuration Directive

3.4. It is also possible to append extra metadata to the stamp using the "stamp-extra-info" task flag. This removes the need to bump PR values, and changes to metadata automatically ripple across the build.